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So, basically Kill La Kill is like Sonic Adventure 2

How did they get away with this

oh my god

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Done by Dan Fletcher.


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Turns out the jellyfish can’t go in a regular fish tank because they get sucked into the filtration intakes and liquefied. In this tank, however, the water flow is carefully designed so jellies do not get sucked into pump intakes. The tanks do not contain any rocks, plants or other fish that could damage the delicate tissue of the jellyfish. The aesthetic style is a display of modern minimalism that is very distinct from a regular fish tank.  Yes, all of our jellyfish are saltwater species.

Contrary to popular belief, a saltwater aquarium is not any more difficult to maintain than a freshwater aquarium. It requires only a few extra minutes every two weeks to measure and adjust the salinity. 

A jellyfish tank is easier to maintain than a regular fish aquarium. Jellyfish have a lower metabolism than fish so only small filtration units are required for jellyfish. Additionally, jellyfish tanks do not have any rocks, plants or corals, which are difficult to prune and clean. The jellyfish must be fed once a day and 25% of the water must be changed every two weeks. 

The package comes with custom LEDs that cause the translucent jellyfish to glow. Colored lights can be used to make the jellyfish glow different colors.

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I’ll lie beside your small form.

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So I just had the shit creeped out of me.

I’m not someone who believes in ghosts, but I was sitting in my room, alone and in the dark, and I heard the strings of my violin being softly plucked. 

My violin is hanging on the wall several feet away. 

So I gathered my courage, grabbed my phone, and used the camera light to investigate. 

And found this.


A goddamn spider was playing my violin. Not even joking. The little shit.

I think I’d have preferred a ghost….

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